useProductContext not returning environmentId or environmentType

I’m invoking useProductContext() but it isn’t returning the environmentId or environmentType at all.

const { localId, environmentType } = useProductContext();

Hey, which module are you using?

Jira customfields

I can confirm that these fields are undefined here too (and others too):

productContext: {
  accountId: '*****',
  cloudId: '*****',
  contentId: undefined,
  localId: 'ari:cloud:ecosystem::extension/*****/*****/static/*****',
  spaceKey: undefined,
  installContext: 'ari:cloud:jira::site/*****',
  platformContext: {
    issueId: '10000',
    issueKey: 'YOKO-1',
    issueType: 'Task',
    issueTypeId: '10007',
    projectId: '10001',
    projectKey: 'YOKO',
    type: 'jira'
  isConfig: undefined,
  extensionContext: {
    fieldValue: null,
    fieldId: 'customfield_10100',
    fieldName: '*****',
    fieldType: 'ari:cloud:ecosystem::extension/*****/*****/static/*****',
    renderContext: 'issue-view',
    entryPoint: 'edit',
    type: 'customFieldType'
  license: undefined,
  moduleKey: '*****',
  environmentId: undefined,
  environmentType: undefined

This is from the edit function of a customFieldType.

FYI I created a ticket some weeks ago to complain of the lack of coherence of the fields inside the different contexts: Forge - Issues - Ecosystem Jira