User impersonation flaky when searching for filters

The /rest/api/2/filter/search end-point is returning 403 Forbidden when doing user impersonation. Here’s the error message:

Add-on 'com.projectbalm.riskregister.riskregister-jira' disallowed to impersonate the user because 'no valid active user exists'

Other Jira Cloud end-points are accepting the exact same access token at that same moment (within a second). What on Earth is going on? Why does the filter search end-point hate me? Isn’t everything supposed to be better now that it’s 2021?

I’ve now discovered that the problem occurs only when searching for filters without specifying search criteria. That is, the problem occurs when I ask for all filters that the impersonated user can see. If I specify a filter name pattern or even a list of filter IDs, then it works just fine. Go figure.


:+1: Thanks for sharing the solution!