User interface seems to be terribly clunky

Trello app

I mostly use trello on my laptop. it is so much better on the large screen

it seems to be a difficult interface to operate.

How do i delete a work space?

i have much difficulty finding the information for the different levels you pay/subscribe too.

No action for these icons.
in the app why is it that when you click on the notification bell that nothing happens.
the settings symbol in the top right corner also does nothing when click on it.
when you click on recent starred and templates it also does nothing

I just don’t get it, why have it there if it doesn’t do anything, one thinks that the computer is not functioning. actually wastes my time because i haven’t gotten use to the app.

how do i update the app on my laptop, also were do i find what version the app is. does it automatically update?

Hello @PhillEulenstein

General questions about how to use Trello should be published in the public Trello forum.

Ok thanks, maybe the developer needs to see this too