User Management using Rest


my current goal is to manage part of the userbase using the rest api with data from another application.
Creating Users, putting them into Groups, enabling/disabling them and creating the corresponding Groups.
Few things work currently, like list all active users, list users in specific groups and list all groups,…

What currently doesnt work

  • Create active users: even when adding ““active””:true into the json body. The Response always says “active”:false.
  • Find inactive users:
    only return active users

Searching directly for the key or accountId doesnt work either.
provide no results.

Using the people search i can partly find my created test users but not all of them. If i try to create a user with the same mail address or username like a test user i created before, even if its not showing up in people search or the GETs from above, fails with a generic error message as response “Dont know whats wrong, try again later”.

I assume that works as soon as i manage to get the authentication for that running.

I tried many things i found but nothing seems to work.

Any ideas?