User search returns no results when using AP.request

Hi everyone. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot an issue one of our customers is having when they are interacting with a user picker component inside our app. The user picker should return a list of all users but instead it is returning no results at all. We were able to confirm this by analyzing the HAR file that the customer provided and the search results is just an empty list.

We are calling this endpoint:

Neither I nor our support team have been able to reproduce this issue and it seems to be specific to this customer’s confluence instance. Our app has all the proper scopes in place and the customer is a site admin so we don’t think it’s an issue related to user permissions.

Interestingly, when the customer hits the user search endpoint directly in their browser, the endpoint successfully returns a list of users.

Any ideas why there’s a discrepancy and any possible solutions as to why this occurs?