Using atlas-run with Confluence 6.2 cannot create pages


I am trying to mark my plugin compatible with Confluence 6.2. In order for me to do this I need to Create Pages. However I cannot do thi using atlas-run, I keep getting the message “This page is taking longer to load than usual. Give it a few moments, then try refreshing. Still having issues? Contact your Confluence admin.”

No matter how many times I refresh the page, I just can’t create content in 6.2… Does anyone else have this issue?


Make sure the base url is the same as to what you’re accessing things to. Try disabling Collaborative editing to see if that fixes it.

For more ideas:

Otherwise, any errors in the logs?

Daniel, Thanks for the tip, I’ll check it out.
As for errors, no none are logged.
I also tested another plugin for 6.2 compatibility and it DID NOT have this problem. I am now thinking that it is something either in the pom.xml or atlassian-plugin.xml file that is causing the timeouts…
When I do more testing, I’ll update this issue with an outcome.

I turned off collaborative editing and this fixed the issue, thanks Daniel for the tip.

Anybody with another solution? This definitely resolves around collaborative editing. And that’s exactly what I need for our add-on.