Using AXIOS with bitbucket API returns converted characters

I am accessing bitbucket through the API with this url:


Then I run this node script:

let results
try {
  results = await axios.get(url)
} catch (err) {
} finally {

The response is returning this:

"\u001f�\b\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000\u0000�][�c7r�+\u0007�\u0007?�3�❂���E\u0000'��v�\u000f��(��iyԒVR�%��{�G�֑��Ғ�E�2f��(�)V}��X,�v�\u000eG�4�\u0019��o7�|3��1G�9��\r�����$#E�����\u0006�d���o�p>\u001d�ǯ���+x����n\u0006�݌��廏�!ގ�%����˜g4��_���4ŏ/���R�N>N���3�m��|7Y,�\r�Y�b��_Y���������L���:�����o���p�v^e�Ө�\u000f|;#����b1�\u000f^���E�Ooi�2ӻ�t��\u0015��p��`���4��z�������\u001f\u001e���\u001d�\u0017x7�\u0019���+��\u0010����bA\u0006]<>�nu���U^~\u0000���fz?\u001a53�;[��'\u0019B3\u001c7����^M'o)Ӈ��&w�o^�u�YL�;��\u001c�ǯ�?��\u001e緔 ......[]�1}h�����1����\u000b\u0000\u0000��\u0003\u0000)S�\b\u0007�\u0000\u0000"

It looks like the data from bitbucket is being converted to unicode.
Why is this happening?

I do have the same issue and this caused out slack integration to fail!!!

I cannot determine the cause of the problem. I switched to fetch and everything came back as it should.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the fix here, exactly I did the same here too. I assume the last version of axios has a bug that does this.