Using /download/attachments/(*) directly


In my add-on, I use /download/attachments/(*) to get attachment content. On, this is listed as one of the REST end points that is available under Connect. However, this end point is not listed in the Confluence REST API documentation at

My question - is this a safe call to make directly, or should I get the download link from /rest/api/content/{attachment id}? I’m concerned that at some point the call may be changed without warning, as it is not in the REST API docs. I prefer using the call directly because there are a number of macros in my add-ons that pre-date Connect and do not have a reference to the attachment id. If I need to refer to the attachment to get the download url it would require a complex update in which I would have to create a new page version that adds the attachment id into the macro parameters, I would rather not have to do that.

Hi Jan - I’m afraid its not safe to make the call directly as that URL may change. You’ll need to get the download link via /rest/api/content/{attachment id} (as you’ve stated), or use CQL or /rest/api/content/{parentId}/child/attachment

Thank you Caroline. I am placing a JIRA ticket in our next sprint to fix this issue. Are you aware of any intent to change the download url format in the immediate future (more that 2 weeks out), if so I would definitely need to fast track the patch.

Hi Jan - I’m unaware of any immediate plans to change the download URL.