Using Forge to update the Jira issue view

Hi, I have a question about the FORGE UI. Is it possible to update the current Jira issue view (for example updating a field in an issue) using Forge, or it is only restricted on adding some extra content?

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Hi @Ivana1,

If you wish to change the values of fields in an issue, use the Jira REST API, specifically the Edit Issue API. If you don’t know the ID of the field you want to edit, you can determine this with the Get Edit Issue Metadata API. To call Jira REST APIs from Forge, use the requestJira Forge API.

Hopefully this helps, but if not, please describe an example of what exactly you want to do so we can find you the right resources :slight_smile:


Thank you for the response, but what about changing the name of the fields on the issue screen, not its values?