Using Jira Rest API to create a website

New to programming and Jira admin role, but eager to learn to make crazy things happen. My goal is to pull all the issues related to a specific project via Jira REST API and put relevant info onto a custom made webpage using NodeJS and JS (maybe PHP). is this possible? also will data changed in Jira for that specific issue change live on my webpage as well? i know calling the rest api for a specific issue is possible but it would be awesome if I can pull all issues related to a project.

hope my questions were clear.
on Jira Server

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This is a good starting place of you want to integrate a standalone website with JIRA:

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Hi @Prav,
You can pull all issues related to a project only if you are an admin of that project.

Thank you all for your replies, very helpful.

@BalajiSundaram i am an admin but what would I have to type into my url to retrieve api of all issues for the project? i am referencing the below link

to format my url and pull api of issues