Using JiraRestClient with an AppLink from within Confluence Macros

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

So far, I haven’t really found an answer wether this is possible:

We have a Macro that creates JIRA Issues without the need to edit a page it is used in, as opposed to the Jira issue Plugin that ships with Confluence.
So far during development, we have used Basic Authentication to create Jira issues, but obviously it would be great, if the created issues had the user creating it as reporter, not some arbitrary account for issue creation.
We are using the AsynchronousJiraRestClientFactory returning a standard JiraRestClient.
The Factory’s create method receives an AuthenticationHandler.
So far I haven’t found something like an ApplicationLinkAuthenticationHandler out of the box to use here.
I have found an old implementation of such an AuthenticationHandler that wouldn’t work with the current API anymore here.

Does anyone here know how I would go about writing an AuthenticationHandler that works with an AppLink?