Using more than one domain name in Add-On Descriptor?

I have a project where the front end is a single page application hosted on a CDN and the backend is hosted on Heroku. They use different domain names.

The issue is with the Add-On descriptor: I can describe a single baseUrl that gets used for all of the relative URLs in the rest of the file. However, I’d like to route the /installed lifecycle notification to the backend, and all of the module urls to the SPA on the CDN.

To illustrate:

  "modules": {
    "dialogs": [
        "url": "/SOME-FRONT-END-URL-ON-CDN",
        "options": {
          "size": "fullscreen",
          "header": {
            "value": "Example Dialog"
        "key": "some-dialog-key"
  "lifecycle": {
    "installed": "/installed-URL-ON-BACKEND",
  "baseUrl": ""

Anyone run into this issue before?

Constantly :frowning: Unfortunately there can only be one base url.

My suggestion would be to send everything through the CDN and just specify it to be pass through for the server specific calls.

I should also point out that since the dialog content will be jwt protected, the cdn can’t really cache things for you so it’s probably not going to gain you much ( a realization I’ve made after putting the above issue in).

Good thinking. Mind if I ask how you were able to accomplish this? I tried using but the closest I could come was using their 301 redirects which do not preserve any POST data (e.g. for the /installed notification)

Ah, good point.

Me too. Found the following approach a good compromise:, and asked Atlassian for small fix in atlassian-connect-express: