Using OAuth2 authentication in a Google Data Studio Connector

I am writing a connector for Google Data Studio and was hoping to use the OAuth2 authentication, but your documentation seems to be suggesting that this is only an option for Atlassian Connect framework apps, is this correct?

Hi @philip.hall,

That’s correct right now. We are working hard to bring full-fledged three-legged OAuth 2 support to Jira Cloud as soon as possible.

Dave Meyer
Jira Product Management

Hi @dmeyer,

Thanks for the response, I’m glad I asked the question and didn’t spend ages trying to get something to work that was never meant to.

I completed the connector using basic authentication.



Hi @philip.hall !

Will you share this connector when ready?

Hi @bruno.conti,

Thanks for the interest, but I will not be making the connector available outside of my organisation.