Using set field value post-function (JMWE add-on) to calculate a value

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did someone solve how to calculate a value based on other values and its quantities? My idea is to have JIRA issue (order) with subtasks (items), these subtasks has item price and quantity. In the main task should be field with calculated value of the order. I think about workflow post-function Set field value (JMWE add-on) and for cycle in Nunjucks. Something like this:

FinalAmount = 0
for each Subtask
FinalAmount = FinalAmount + Amount * Quantity.

Here I am not sure how can I define all subtasks of the main task. Any idea on this?

Thanks, L.

Please ask this question at instead.

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As your question is not about building an app on top of our platform I would recommend for you to visit our Customer Community at (as @sfbehnke also pointed out). You will probably get a faster answer there as that is a much bigger community consisting of power-users and admins.

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Hi @sfbehnke & @pvandevoorde,

thanks for your replies. I will ask on the