Using spotlight on a webitem

I am exploring the use of the spotlight component in atlaskit for onboarding, and would like to use it highlight a webitem that I add to the JIRA sidebar. Is this possible? It seems it would be due to cross domain access limitations, but reaching out in case someone knows of a way to accomplish this.

No that’s not possible. Keep in mind that AtlasKit is written for the internal teams at Atlassian so the example you see in the Spotlight docs to show a spotlight next to a webitem is not possible.

As an app, you can only use a spotlight component in a web panel. One thing you might want to consider is expanding out the navigation a bit. Group your links and provide a Getting started link that links to an onboarding guide. Similar to these screenshots:



Thank you for your reply. I suspected that was the case. We will consider your suggestion as a design option.