Using static content macros

I am trying to create a static content macro. The documentation at says to display the macro body, add a snippet of code like the following to the iframe:

AP.require(“request”, function(request) {
var pageId = getUrlParameter(“pageId”);
var pageVersion = getUrlParameter(“pageVersion”);
var macroId = getUrlParameter(“macroId”);
url: “/rest/api/content/” + pageId +
“/history/” + pageVersion +
“/macro/id/” + macroId,
success: function(response) {
var macro = JSON.parse(response);

My question is “What iframe?” At the top of the article is says : “unlike most Connect modules, this content is not displayed in an iframe. Instead, your macro is responsible for returning valid Storage Format XML to the confluence page, which Confluence will render for you at view time.”

So where is this I frame I would use to get my content.