Using TypeScript for Plugin Development?

Hi guys,

since i am an enthusiastic user of atlassian tools, but one or the other function would make my life easier, i thought about writing my own plugin.

I have already gone through two tutorials (hello world, dynamic content macro created).

The docs of a module I want to use for my plugin is all about TypeScript.

So I was wondering whether anyone would recommend TypeScript in the context of Confluence Cloud plugin development?

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I feel like this discussion is module independent and you should ask yourself in general, do you want to develop in typescript or javascript?
If you only work with the ace framework there isn’t much gained by using typescript on it’s own as there are no type definitions provided by default, nor are there any complex data structures passed around.
We are doing Typescript development due to our background of strongly typed languages and so far it has been the right choice for our specific use case. The more complex an application gets the more you will benefit from “type safety” and advanced ide support.
Do you only plan to write a minimal app which will be done within a week of development? TS-Setup might take a long time to get it right, if you can reuse it and plan on writing more complex code go ahead. I would not want to go back to the plain js days.

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Just to follow up on this we have just released some type declarations for the ACE framework (6.3.0) which you can find more about here if that influences your decision.

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