Velocity template web-panel on issue page not working in JIRA 8.12 / 8.13

we have a small plugin that displays Velocity web-panel on issue page. In JIRA 8.8 its all correctly working, but in 8.12 / 8.13 there is no content displayed, just an empty panel.

There is no exception thrown in logs. There is no obvious error either. Just some warnings about Velocity (eg. c.a.v.htmlsafe.introspection.AnnotationBoxingUberspect] Velocity template accessing deprecated method com.atlassian.jira.plugin.webfragment.model.JiraHelper#getProjectObject)

Has there been any changes to Velocity rendering in JIRA 8.12 / 8.13? Could anyone help?

Thank you

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RESOLVED - There has been update to AUI 9 in Jira 8.12. The issue was different behaviour of “hidden” attribite on DOM elements.