Version compatibility for addon

Is there a way to specify for an addon that it is compatible with all minor/patch versions of a major JIRA version ?

For example, can I somehow specify that my addon is compatible with JIRA 7.x.x ? or maybe with JIRA 7.4.x ?

Since, JIRA 7.4.2 should not have breaking changes over JIRA 7.4.1, my addon will work with both JIRA 7.4.1 and JIRA 7.4.2 but when I release the addon I need to fill the “Compatible from” and “Compatible to” with specific versions (instead of a more generic 7.4.x version)… and then when JIRA 7.4.3 is released I will need to create a new addon release even if nothing changed in my implementation.

Maybe there is something that I missed in the marketplace interface ?

Hi @mihai,

If you have listed your add-on to be compatible with the latest version of the host application, the Atlassian Marketplace will automatically update the “compatible to” field of your add-on on the host application patch version releases (7.4.x). There is no need to manually go to the Marketplace with every update of JIRA.

However, you will need to confirm compatibility with major or minor versions and update your add-on accordingly. This goes for major (4,5,6,7, etc) and minor versions (7.1, 7.2, 7.3, etc).



Oh, one more thing: there is no need to create a new version to update the compatibility. You can change the existing version in the Atlassian Marketplace interface. Go to your vendor account page Add-ons tab, click on the add-on, click on the version (not the “view” link, but the actual version name link) and go to the compatibility tab. There you can update the add-on compatibility.

Thank you @remie. Good to know about the auto-update patch version!