View Attachements via the JIRA Service Desk REST APIs

Dear Experts,

We are building a customer portal in our application (instead of using JIRA Service Desk Customer Portal). We could able to integrate almost everything but facing issue with viewing the attachments. We are using /rest/servicedeskapi/request/{issueIdOrKey}?expand=comment.renderedBody to get the attachments. Via this API we get the URL for the attachments like <domain_url>/servicedesk/customershim/secure/attachment/12345/BytesMessage.png?fromIssue=54321

But when we try to access this url, it asks for the JIRA Service Desk user details. We do not want our customer to login into JIRA. Please suggest how can we display the attachment? Do we need to pass the API token? If yes, how we do so as this is not an API but URL for the attachments? Is there any ‘Public’ URLs which can be used for displaying the attachments? Or is there any other API which we need to call to display the attachments?

Do let me know in case you need any further information from my side.


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I’ve the same problem.

Did anyone come up with a solution, please ?

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