'View' format in 'get pages in space' endpoint

Hello, guys

I’ve found the following. I’ve mentioned absence of ‘view’ format in ‘get page by id’ endpoint in this topic. The answer for this topic is that ‘view’ format should be added. And it is done.

But now I have another question since ‘body-format’ parameter has been added to ‘get pages in space’. Only ‘storage’ and ‘atlas_doc_format’ are available. Is it going to support ‘view’ format later? If so, attach the task, please, to follow the progress.


Hi @AndreyDemidov! Thanks for bringing this up. The conversion to certain body formats takes a large amount of time & processing, and as a result, will only be supported in single entity fetch endpoints.

View is one of these formats - in order to fetch the view format of multiple pages, multiple calls to the single fetch endpoint would be required. Hopefully this helps!

Hi @SimonKliewer
Ok, got it, thanks