View select options for a custom field from a Connect App

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Is it possible to simply view the options list that a single, multi or cascading select has on the Custom Fields admin side?

I.e. view the options of a dropdown that is defined by a connect app without adding that field to a screen and request type?

During testing this would be quick for checking that the app is infact updating the field correctly before adding it to screens …

Thank you

Hi there, anyone have any input on this please? Thank you

Someone … Anyone … ?
FYI thus far the best approach I found to this is to save a file that simply does a get option list values. I.e.

GET /rest/api/2/field/{fieldKey}/option

The API you mentioned (Get issue field options) is indeed the way to do it.

Hi @kkercz - Thanks. Yeah, that is what I have been using …

But for other non-dev users, what would the easiest route be to view the existing dropdown items via the interface, eg via viewing the conext,… There seems to be no way to do this at the moment?

If you have an app that provides a custom field, then your app can provide a page with a list of all options (retrieve them from the REST API and then display however you like). Take a look at the page modules documentation.

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