Visualization of multiple custom field name in "Edit default value" page on JIra 8.16.x

I’m not understanding why on the edit default value page, the name of the custom field is showing two times.
Nothing changed on the code side about this page.
This is Jira 8.15.x

This is Jira 8.16.x

I don’t really know why, but did you try hard refreshing your browser?

Hi @Taylan,
I have tried a bunch of times to reload the page but nothing.
Thanks for the reply.

I was almost sure that you already tried reloading the page. But there is a difference between just reloading and hard reloading the page. Usually it is done by pressing CTRL + F5 or CTRL + SHIFT + R.
If you were also talking about that, then I am sorry

Hi @EmanuelePicariello ,
This seems like a problem with Jira. I’ve reported it internally.

Best regards,