Want to create addon/ integrate webMethods.io to receive notifications like slack.

I am trying to create a plugin that receives data as soon as some event in performed in confluence basically that acts as webhook so I raised a ticket for the same.

The response was received saying that this can be achieved through macros.

I went through the above link and still confused can I get instant notifications through macros.
If yes please guide me the proper steps to create one through node.js
If no then let me know how can we get live data of the event performed.


Hi @webmethodsintegratio - the developer docs on Confluence Cloud webhooks can be found here:


That doc might seem a bit confusing, because it mentions both Jira Cloud and Confluence Cloud webhooks. Just scroll down to the section titled: Confluence Webhook events

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Thanks for your reply.
I already went through the link you have mentioned above.
My concern is I am using an Oauth2 Access token to make Confluence Cloud API calls but there is no proper URL specified to register webhooks in the Confluence webhooks link. So I raised a ticket for the same.
Below is the mentioned ticket link

Oauth2 creation link

If Confluence Cloud supports webhook that would be wonderful.
It would be really helpful if you can provide me with a proper example along with the URL to register webhooks.
If not, can you provide me with a different way to achieve this?

Kuldeep Kushwaha

Create an addon in confluence by using macros.
But still I am unable to get webhook notifications even though I have added my webhook object in atlassian-connect.json. Below is the webhook object
“modules”: {
“webhooks”: [
“event”: “page_created”,
“url”: <webhook_notification url>
I have even added credentials in my credentials.json file
Am I missing something is there someting more to be added.
Can you please help me with this.

Kuldeep Kushwaha