Want to customize Issue Attachment Section

Hi Team,

We want to customize the JIRA issue attachment section, is there any way wherefrom we can run any Script or any custom code that we can create or Any third-party app can help me here.

My requirement is I want to show attachments to some set of people only.

I was checking one module jiraTimeTrackingProviders In that user is customizing the view of time tracking based on the permission scheme, can we develop the same concept for Attachment as well.

Any idea how can we implement this in Cloud.

Looking for your positive response.


As you have already found out the only locations and modules available at the moment are the ones documented in:

Therefore, since what you are asking for is not available at the moment, I have created the below feature request on your behalf:

You may want to vote and watch the above feature request so that you will get notified in case of any update. The feature will be addressed according to the Implementation of New Features Policy.

Also, it can be the case that other members of this community might have found a way to work-around this. Let’s see if anyone will reply to this thread :slight_smile: