Want to deploy Forge App as tab under Issue Panel

Hi team,

I have deployed a forge app on IssuePanel(as highlighted in the pic below), the plugin appears in the center of the
IssuePanel however I would like to know if there’s a way to get this app deployed next to External details tab
(as highlighted in the pic below)

The documentation contains no mention of tabs whatsoever… IssuePanel type of plugin is supposed to return an IssuePanel element to be rendered.

The component added by IssuePanel is actually outside of the tabs… you can switch tabs and it won’t affect IssuePanel.

With the above I think I can conclude that it is not supported. IssuePanel does not add components to the tabs, it adds on the main page under the tabs.


Read about it in another thread, you may also consider Issue Glance:

This module adds a special user interface element that appears in the right side of the new Jira issue view under the status and alongside other fields like the assignee, priority, and labels.

It’s still not in a tab you want, but at least it won’t look like it is part of the active tab.

IssueGlance is something I am not willing to deploy my application I want it within issue but like a new tab or page.