Watching Jira Software release notes - Fixed


We’ve been getting a bunch of requests about a way to watch Jira Software release notes. Though the mechanism for that was already in place, nobody was getting any notifications because of some silly bug. That’s fixed now, so if you’d like to get notified about new releases, here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the parent page of Jira’s release notes.
  2. Log in, as we need your email to send the notifications.
  3. Once you do it, you should see the [Watch] button at the top-right.

(If you can’t see the button, try clearing Atlassian-related cookies)

You won’t be getting any special newsletter, just notifications about our edits on this page — simple, to the point, and the fastest way possible to learn about a new release. We’ll be making an edit with the new version at the time of the release. At the moment, notifications don’t include bugfix releases.

Jira Server team

@tbartyzel Even when logged in, the Watch button is not visible:

That’s weird, I can see it on my non-Atlassian account and we got some new watchers since posting this. Could you try removing the cache or using a different browser? We had some caching issues in a different case before.

You’re right, I had to clear all my Atlassian-related cookies. Now it works.