We are getting error with Trello powerup API while getting card shared data - FALSE ALARM - NOT RELATED TO TRELLO SIDE


We are getting following error messages for all the cards on the board while getting data from card’s sharing space

It is basically “Card not found or not on current board (Command: data)”

This is really urgent. Our customers cannot see the cardback section because of this problem.


it seems like a problem on our side. Sorry for inconvenience!

Hello @mustafasener

You’ve not provided any useful information that anyone could use to help you, such as:

  1. Which specific REST API endpoint are you using
  2. What is the full request you are sending to that endpoint
  3. What language / toolset are you using to send the request
  4. Is this the only endpoint / request affected
  5. What testing using another language / toolset have you done to replicate the problem
  6. What is a ‘sharing space’

Perhaps read the How to ask a good question article first.


You are right. I should have given those details. Also, the problem seems like with the old deleted cards and a bug related with our implementation.