Web item location in user profile menu

Hi everyone, I would to like to add a web item link just above logout section in user profiles menu section, but I am not able to find exact location for this. According to documentation, the generic location is ‘system.user’ which is creating web item link at top of user profile menu dropdown. Request if anyone can share the exact location above logout section in user profile.

Hello hello @AshishDas

Take a look at the following documentation of web-ui modules https://developer.atlassian.com/server/confluence/web-ui-modules/ , it lists all the UI sections along with their subsections.

In your case you need to define a web-item as follow

        <label>WebUI Module</label>

Notice the weight parameter, it defines the position of the item inside the menu
Also notice the section parameter, it is formatted as main-section/sub-section , the system.user subsections available are user-preferences , user-content , user-operations

Example plugin code available at welcome system user operation web item example · viqueen/atlassian-devbox@e152a55 · GitHub

I hope this helps

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