Web panel display condition

Hi all,

A collegoue of mine - @VassilPetkov is trying to create a small app which should display web panel in issue view screen only on predefined status. He has tried setting issue properties, but using it he needs to refresh the issue page after the status is selected in order to have correct/up to date view in web panel. Any ideas?


Hi @TodorKatsarov,

seems like you may want to use Web Panel Conditions, where e.g. you can put a Jira Expression, like e.g. issue.status.name == xxx

We used issueType.id to support i18.

        "key": "story-panel",
        "location": "atl.jira.view.issue.left.context",
        "url": “/<app>/#/story/{issue.id}/{issue.key}?projectId={project.id}",
        "weight": 250,
        "name": {
          "value": “Demo WebPanel“
        "layout": {
          "width": "100%",
          "height": "100%"
        "conditions": [
            "condition": "jira_expression",
            "invert": true,
            "params": {
              "expression": "project.properties['disabledStoryIssueTypes'] && project.properties['disabledStoryIssueTypes'].includes(issue.issueType.id)"


Thank you. It works as expected now.