Web Panel Locations in Confluence

I want to develop a web panel. The content of the page is to pop up an add page, using dialog2,
I want the effect to be added to the page
The picture is used webitems,web-item jumps back to a new page, which I don’t want. If i hope use web-panel, can you put it in this position

web-panel is it supported location=“system.content.button”?

There is currently no way to trigger a dialog from a web-item using solely the descriptor. In order to achieve this, you will have to add client-side code (javascript) to intercept the click and open the page in a dialog.

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Yes,you are right,i use javascript to open a div .

but i want get the parameter pageId , and i don’t know web-item link to set
my code is

How to write link here? I can get the pageid parameter in JavaScript ?

I found the method:
var pagetId = $(‘meta[name=“ajs-page-id”]’).attr(“content”);
thank you !

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