Web panel locations in editor


we are working on a Confluence Cloud add-on and we’d like to provide information to the user when the page is in edit mode.

As far as we can see, the most suitable module is the Web Panel one.
We used the Web Fragment Finder as recommended in the module documentation to find out all the possible locations and we were a bit surprised by the very few available locations:

  • atl.general
  • atl.footer
  • atl.editor.savebar

So basically we only have one option (atl.editor.savebar) if we want the information to be displayed in editor mode only … The other locations would display the information in read-only mode as well.

Ideally, we’d like to provide the information in a column (right or left of the main frame).

Do you know if we are missing something here?
Do you know if the addition of new locations in edit mode can be requested to Atlassian?

Thanks in advance for your feedback and help guys!


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