Web panels on New Issue View are reloaded after external change to an issue

Did anyone else encounter such problem? By external change I mean an edit made to an issue by someone else (either other user or an app) than the user currently viewing the issue.

It seems like a bug to me, one leading to bad user experience - for example, if an app updates custom fields in response to a user’s action in web panel, the panel is reloaded which may result in lost data. It also unnecessarily increases traffic.

It happens on every instance that we tested, both production ones and dev ones.


To precise slightly, not every instance is affected.
But indeed, it seems like a new bug introduced a moment ago.

Can anyone from Atlassian confirm it is a known issue that will be fixed?

I’ll take a look and see what’s happening.

I’m also unable to reproduce this issue, but given that it varies from instance to instance, I have brought it to the attention of the Jira team:


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On the other hand, I was able to reproduce the issue. I’ll comment on that JRACLOUD ticket.


@mventnor, @nmansilla thank you for looking into that!

We have started getting reports from customers complaining about this problem.


Atlassian confirmed that the problem is fixed.

This change has been rolled back. I believe there is some feature enhancement work related to realtime updates that are coming, and we’ll work with the product/eng teams to insure that any changes/features/options in this area are proactively communicated.

Hallo everybody, this bug is still reproducible and currently we are having issue with it in our application. Does anybody have similar experience?

Any update on this one @mventnor , we are still having the same issue but now some instances are having it and some not.
I have mentioned this issue on the reddit atlassian group, you can see the video there of the issue.
I would really appreciate some help on this.