Web Resource bitbucket.page.compare removed in Bitbucket 8?

Is the web resource ‘bitbucket.page.compare’ removed in Bitbucket 8?
On the listing page it is present: Bitbucket Server web resource contexts
I didn’t see a direct notification that it when away.

Yet, when I try to use bitbucket.page.compare in Bitbucket 8, my JavaScript doesn’t seem to be loaded.
Other extension points do work.

     <client-resource key="pull-request-template-resources" name="pull-request-template-resources Web Resources">
        <resource type="download" name="pullrequest-templates.js" location="/js/pullrequest-templates.js"/>

I think this context got replaced with ‘bitbucket.ui.create.pullrequest.form’. At least ‘bitbucket.ui.create.pullrequest.form’ seems to work for what we want to achieve.

However, ‘bitbucket.ui.create.pullrequest.form’ isn’t listed in Bitbucket Server web resource contexts.
Is there an up do date page with all contexts? Best with a version range?