Web resources not loaded in Confluence 8.0

Greetings everyone!

As the title said, I’m working on the readiness and preparation for Confluence 8.0 of my plugin, and I found that my web-resources are not loaded.

Web resource module in descriptor:

<web-resource key="manage-spaces" name="Manage Spaces Resources">
        <resource type="download" name="manage-spaces.js" location="theme/admin/manage- 

Supposedly this resource will be loaded when I navigate to action’s path like this: admin/theme/manage-spaces.action.

<action name="manage-spaces" class="com.example.theme.actions.ManageSpacesAction" method="doDefault">
                <result name="input" type="velocity">/admin/common.vm</result>

But what I got is that Confluence is not loading it properly.

I’m testing it against Confluence 8.0.0-rc1.

Any advice would be appreciated!

It is solved now. The reason behind it was not correctly refer to the web resource via $requireResource.

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