Webhook can't be fired when updating the linked issue

I need a feature like that, a issue when someone creating a duplicates link to another, can be cached right now by webhook.
But, actually, only create a link can’t fire the webhook.
I wanna know how to deal with it or what the reason for this?
Thank you!

There is no event fired when IssueLinks are created, edited, or modified. Thus, you cannot capture them with listeners, or the webhooks module.

We released support for webhooks for issue link events in JIRA Cloud several weeks ago: [ACJIRA-1130] - Ecosystem Jira

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Great! But you must have expected my response: What about JIRA Server?

I work with a company that runs several BTF JIRA instances, so while it’s nice to hear about JIRA Cloud news… Well actually it’s just frustrating to hear JIRA Cloud news.

Well in my defense this thread is under the JIRA Cloud tag :slight_smile:

The best way to get a sense of what and how we’re prioritizing across Cloud and Server at Atlassian is to take a few minutes to watch this segment of they keynote from Atlassian Summit last month: Opening Keynote - Atlassian Summit Europe 2017 - YouTube

Totally fair, good point Dave. I don’t pay much attention to the tags here.

I’m sure you’re used to this: My issues stem from my complete lack of business in your Cloud environment. I have rarely worked with it personally, very few of my customers when I was working as an Expert used it, and today I work in an environment that will never be able to migrate to Cloud. In fact, the only business I had with JIRA Cloud as an Expert was migrating customers from Cloud to Server.

I feel strongly about this lacking feature because it’s of personal usefulness to me and it’s absence causes me to work around it constantly. Clearly, that doesn’t hold true across the board. Seeing it resolved for one platform but not another is disheartening.