Webhook doesn't work for some instances


My app contains webhook endpoint to catch “issue created” event. During ticket submission we add some entities to catch them on webhook and save them.
After last version release couple of our clients raised tickets that they lost some data. I checked their HARs and their payloads were ok, but app’s server didn’t receive any request to webhook endpoint from Jira.

I and my teammates cannot reproduce this problem locally on our instances.
Did you observed any similar problems?

Hi @lszarecki,

we keep an eye on webhook reliability and we haven’t noticed any significant drop recently. However, we wouldn’t like to leave your report without any response. We are happy to dig into it if you provide us some detailed information ie. about affected tenants, recipient URL, and when the issue started occurring. Nevertheless, Atlassian Community is not the best place to share such kind data, so I’d like to ask you to create a JRACLOUD ticket on jira.atlassian.com.
Please chose webhooks as a component and we will take a look how it looks like on our end.

Hi @BeataSzturemska

I tried to create ticket in mentioned project but I was redirected to Help Center. Nevertheless I go through submission form and created such a ticket but it landed into incorrect project (CA).

What I see after selecting JRACLOUD project:

Ticket view - 1. CA-1204901:

Selected values in form:

Could you help me with submitting help request in proper place?