Webhook for Clone


According to this link https://developer.atlassian.com/cloud/jira/platform/webhooks/ we have webhooks for created, updated and deleted issues. But is there an option to write a webhook for clone event? Like how can we get the clone as well as the cloned issue when the end user clones an issue?

Hi @ShenbagaMurugan ,

When an issue is closed, a jira:issue_created webhook is sent and you can understand from the webhook event body.

For example, I just cloned an issue and I can see this in the payload:

"clonedFrom": {
    "id": "11075",
    "key": "ITSMTEAM-24"

For these checks, it’s always useful to use https://connect-inspector.services.atlassian.com/ app for checking which webhooks are sent and their payload in a quick way. Simply browse to the URL, create a temporary add-on and install it on a test site by copying the descriptor to the clipboard. After every operation in the site, the tool UI will show the events and their details.


That helps! Thanks a lot @ccurti