Webhook Installation avi:forge:installed:app unreliable and intermittent

We’re observing that the webhook for avi:forge:installed:app is unreliable and intermittent, meaning that it cannot be consistently relied upon to provide notifications of app installations of the Forge platform.
Can you please assist me with this task?

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Hi @peili,

Thanks for your post. Can you give some more details as to what you’re seeing? Is this when you install/upgrade via the cli or with an app via Marketplace?


Hi @jrichards

In the installation webhook, subsequent await api.asApp().requestConfluence(url, options); calls returns {"message":"Current user not permitted to use Confluence","statusCode":403} if an app is uninstalled and installed again.


Hi @OnucheIdoko1,

Thanks for the update. This is a known issue, which was reported before here in

and we have an open bug reported in

It looks like there’s a delay between receiving the install event and then the Forge user being granted permissions.

At this time I don’t have a fix or an idea of when this might be resolved.