Webhook not firing when "parent" field changes in next-gen projects

I noticed webhooks aren’t fired when the parent field of an issue is changed in next-gen projects, even though I’m listening to the jira:issue_updated event for all issues. It fires for all other field changes.

Is this a known issue? The use case is updating data in my app when an issue is assigned to a new Epic in a next-gen project.



Hi @RhysDiab,

Could you clarify what you mean by:

the parent field of an issue

Also, how is the field being updated - programmatically by an app or manually by a user? Or are notifications not fired in both cases?


Hi @dmorrow,

The “parent” field is the field which connects an issue to a parent Epic in next-gen projects. It’s the equivalent of the “Epic Link” field in classic projects.

Notifications aren’t fired if the user changes the “parent” field. I’m not sure if it fires when an app alters it.

A user can do this by clicking Change Parent and selecting a new Epic.

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Thanks for educating me @RhysDiab. I’ll make some enquiries to see if this difference in behaviour is intentional or otherwise.


That’s also reported as https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/ACJIRA-2088


After making enquiries with the Jira team, I believe this to be a bug which is confirmed by the issue @pawel reported.

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