Webhook requests sent to URL from old version of descriptor

I just noticed in our load balancer logs that we receive 100s of requests per day to a URL that used to exist in our app descriptor, but was replaced in mid-2018… the user-agent that these requests have is “Atlassian Webhook HTTP Client”.

I’m only concerned in case there’s some customers who have somehow still got an 18month old descriptor installed in their instance?!

The app in question is “ScriptRunner for Jira Cloud” - the app key is com.onresolve.jira.groovy.groovyrunner

Did y’all change your descriptor 18 months ago? Wondering if you’re getting hit by the end-trial-but-I’m-not-uninstalling but on a massive scale?

Yeah that’s what I meant - we updated the descriptor about 18months ago and clearly thought nobody was accessing the old URL before we turned it off but are receiving traffic to it now for some reason

@jbevan - all of a sudden you’re starting to get traffic on that old endpoint? Or… have you consistently been getting 100s of requests per day to that old endpoint, when you look further back?

Sadly we dont have the data accessible to look further back, sorry!

@jbevan if you haven’t filed a DEVHELP critical bug ticket on this one, please go ahead and do that. If you have a list of affected tenants/instances, that would be helpful to dig in deeper.