WebHook Trello with Javascript

Hello! Are you all right?

I’m sorry for not speaking English correctly, I’m Brazilian. My name is Fabrício Alves and I need to develop an Applied Project for my postgraduate degree in FullStack Development. A close person asked me to make a web system to interact with Trello, capture when a card changes columns and extract information about the names of the users involved, description and date and time. It would account for these changes over time and generate graphs and / or data tables to monitor the evolution of projects.

  1. Do you know of any trello power-ups that already do something in this direction?

  2. Do you recommend any material that can help me develop this project? I never developed for the web, I have some knowledge of Javascript and I am learning in postgraduate school. My idea is to use Vue.js as the Front end and Node.js as the Back end. Do you think these tools and language are suitable for this project?

Any tips and suggestions are very welcome. Thanks!

I wish you success and good vibes.


Fabrício Alves

Hi Fabrício,

  1. There are some Power-Ups that are close to what you’ve described - those that provide time tracking solutions for the Trello users. But this definitely shouldn’t stop you from doing your project :slight_smile:

  2. Based on your project description, it seems like you don’t necessarily have to implement your idea in the form of a Power-Up. Because you’ll have to learn both Power-Up AND Trello API. You can simply build your web app and connect it with Trello API using Trello API key and token. Please, consider visiting the Trello API documentation before starting.