Webhooks for components to reduce load on Jira

We’re implementing an app which would like to react to changes to components. Whenever a component is created, renamed or deleted, we want to process this change & synchronize it to another Jira instance.

With the current possibilities in Jira Cloud what we can do is:

  • Poll the complete component list periodically
  • Analyze what components have actually changed
  • Make modifications accordingly

My problem with this approach is that it places additional load on the Jira instance and our backend to query periodically (and probably often for no changes). With Atlassian’s initiative to look closer at rate limiting apps, this approach is also not ideal.

Probably as a request to Atlassian: Would you please consider adding webhooks for components? On Data Center, there are the ProjectComponentEvents. It would be great if these could be exposed via a webhook similar to versions. I haven’t found a Jira issue for this yet, but I’d appreciate to see one created.

If someone else has a clever approach to this ticket, I’d appreciate your thoughts.



We also need this for our Version & Component Sync Cloud app that is currently pending release and will be available shortly. Our current implementation uses the polling, but it would be a lot easier (and cheaper for us) if we can have component events & webhooks.

Even better would be if this is implemented generically and component events are also added to the on-premise code base (DC), because ultimately, the lack of component events in Server product is the reason we also do not have them in Cloud


Hi @matthias and @remie ,

Thanks for the idea. I’ve created the following feature requests: