Webhooks in app descriptor

Having trouble creating webhooks directly from the app descriptor, I’ve got something like this under the ‘modules’ section:
“webhooks”:[ {“event”:“jira:issue_created”,“url”:"/api/foo"}]

but it never seems to create. I’ve tried different events - such as sprint_created, tried a full https:// url, never seems to add. Could someone share a working example?

It is correct, you must have problem with something else

For the future developers that make this simple mistake - turns out the webhooks register fine, you just cannot see them from the System > Webhooks admin UI. I inadvertently created an issue and was surprised that the webhook worked after all! This made sense once I noodled on it - otherwise installers could delete the add-on’s webhooks and impair its functionality. All good!


Thanks @DavidFisher. I’ve created https://ecosystem.atlassian.net/browse/AC-2546 to improve our documentation.