Webhooks suddenly stopped firing consistently in production (please help)

I have a Jira add-on which listens for the issue “jira:issue_updated” before calling my API.

This has been working well till now.

But this morning I noticed that this webhook has stopped firing consistently. It fires perhaps 1/3 of the time it should. It will go short stretches where it fires, then long periods where it won’t fire at all.

I will sometimes get a retry attempt later if it misses one, but my API receives no call at all during the initial failure. So it seems Atlassian thinks the webhook tried to hit my API and failed but my API doesn’t receive anything.

Users also seem to be getting intermitted 503 errors when attempting to update their version.

But when I check my server logs, the /installed endpoint is never called.

I know it’s the weekend but I’d greatly appreciate it if someone is available to look into this. My business depends on this event functioning consistently.

I’m using ACE hosted on heroku.

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Hi @RhysDiab . Thanks for reaching out. Our team is looking into this.

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This issue appears to have been an issue with Heroku which impacted instances in Australia.


Thanks for looking into this @aagrawal2

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@RhysDiab I was going to reply the same :slight_smile:

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