webItems and jiraSearchRequestViews modules - how to open page inside iframe?

I’m trying the module as show below, but the page /search-view opens full screen, not in an iframe. I get my plugin’s host url and no header or footer.
How to open /search-view inside an iframe?

        "jiraSearchRequestViews": [
              "url": "/search-view",
              "key": "search-view",
              "weight": 100,
              "description": {
                  "value": "Example search request view"
              "name": {
                  "value": "My Search View",
                  "i18n": "my.search.view"

The same problem affects this module:

        "webItems": [
                "name": {"value":"Test"},

The addon/hello-world gets rendered as the main page.

Hi @tomasz.kustrzynski,

as to the Search Request View module, I don’t believe that it supports iframe loading at the moment. As the documentation says: “[the link in the Export menu] will redirect to the URL that is provided by your add-on”.

The target attribute for Web Items, which you haven’t specified, defaults to page. You probably want to use a General Page module instead.

Thank you @epehrson!

I think I’ve found a workaround to SearchRequestView: have the url in that module redirect to a general page on the server directly, i.e. using https://DOMAIN.atlassian.net/plugins/servlet/ac/ADDON_KEY/PAGE_KEY with whatever query params I need.
Wrt. WebItem - indeed. My mistake.

I’m not sure using a General Page is a viable workaround, since only query parameters with the prefix ac. for the General Page are passed down to the add-on iframe. And the Search Request View module specifies a set of standard query parameter names that you can’t modify.

@epehrson That’s true, but my redirect endpoint in the addon receives link as a query parameter. It contains the original URL from which SearchRequestView was initiated (which in turn has jql and few other parameters). I can forward that parameter to general page by injecting it in html payload.