Webp preview support


I am experimenting with WebP images attached to Trello cards.
The experience so far is that they partly work: they aren’t supported with previews.

I’ve tried this via the web UI as well as the Trello REST API and the behaviour seems consistent.

When uploading the file, it has a .webp extension and probably the contents are also okay, as once opened via the web - not just looked at on the preview level - it displays well.

The MIME type specified for the uploads is image/webp, I think probably things accord with standard expectations, so it seems at this point to be something that could be improved on your side.

Needless to say you might save a few bytes and cents in the long run too if this replaces PNG or whatever as this is truly coming across as a storage space saving format… “no push, just sayin’” :slight_smile:

Is there anything that would move this forward perhaps in the plans/could this function as a suggestion?



I’m not sure. Let me ask.

This feels like one of those things we’d add in once end users started complaining that .webp attachments weren’t working, so you might be a tiny bit ahead of folks.

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