Webp preview support


I am experimenting with WebP images attached to Trello cards.
The experience so far is that they partly work: they aren’t supported with previews.

I’ve tried this via the web UI as well as the Trello REST API and the behaviour seems consistent.

When uploading the file, it has a .webp extension and probably the contents are also okay, as once opened via the web - not just looked at on the preview level - it displays well.

The MIME type specified for the uploads is image/webp, I think probably things accord with standard expectations, so it seems at this point to be something that could be improved on your side.

Needless to say you might save a few bytes and cents in the long run too if this replaces PNG or whatever as this is truly coming across as a storage space saving format… “no push, just sayin’” :slight_smile:

Is there anything that would move this forward perhaps in the plans/could this function as a suggestion?



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I’m not sure. Let me ask.

This feels like one of those things we’d add in once end users started complaining that .webp attachments weren’t working, so you might be a tiny bit ahead of folks.

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If user complaints that webp isn’t working are needed, I’ll start!

coff AHEM! …

“Webp attachments to my cards aren’t working right.”

My workaround at present is thus:

  • copy the image data itself (raw image data, not a compact format like .png or .webp or .gif)
  • paste it into a given card
  • wait for the raw image data to upload (greater bandwidth used there than the native .webp image)
  • edit the image description I just uploaded, since it will always, always default to “image.png” using this set of steps
  • no preview of the image is made, it’s just a blank/generic “.webp” placeholder image

If .webp were supported like .png, .gif, or .jpg (all larger graphics formats than it), it’d be much more like them.

  • copy the my “smallerthantheothers.webp” image
  • open the trello card I want to paste into
  • paste / drop the image into the card
  • filename appears as an attachment, without need to alter it
  • attachment preview renders, showing me the image without need to click on it or open it in a separate tab to view it.

And then both user and server would benefit from lower bandwidth used from webp support, in addition to a less janky workflow to add them as image attachments.


Hello @ChrstphrR,

Thanks for the reassuring opinion :+1: I was personally trying to reduce storage costs as I wasn’t sure how much load the images that may get created via my new app would put on Trello’s cloud, but I can too feel the problematic nature of your use case.

By the way my app offers some conversion - would you be interested in trying it out? Sounds like it could be helpful.

I drafted a short guide - Getting Started - Upload or Convert a Picture, sorry there’s no images there, but there’s a Gallery for that purpose … hope you find your way around anyway if need be!

(In case you try it, I appreciate if you let me know if you come by any major problems!)



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Thank you Janos. I have loaded up your Focus Project app that is using Trello, and will give it a go and give you some constructive feedback after I have tested it further, for linking images to cards, and for the other features. I’ll either find your contact on its’ website, or send you a PM here if not to do so.

What I’ve seen post-install pleases me. I’ll be certain to let the friend who first showed me trello years ago know about what you have, because she uses trello heavily, and knows many many others who use it and thus give you more feedback and input.

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Dear Christophr!

I know silence could mean anything, but I was extremely glad to hear back, please excuse the delay (which wasn’t spent idle at all) with getting back! I am very grateful for all that you wrote.

As I know the app is far from perfect/what I’d like ultimately, few scarier things there are than to get a good willed broad review that potentially gets rewarded with a disappointment.

I have silently applied a good bunch of UX fixes therefore hoping it more closely will match your above, perhaps optimistic initial insights and especially any potential recommendation you made, and it may also illustrate how much there is ahead to go but also some capacity to pace things at hand.

You should be able to reach me e.g. at info@f-p.app (and more interestingly, I should be able to reply from there :slight_smile: ‘latest feature unlocked’).

Please have little expectations at this point - my resources are very limited, but you can count on that I will do what I reasonably can.

Many thanks for the reply again!