Weekly GDPR API status development update - March 21

Hi @brendan - Congrats on completing the migration! :partying_face: I took care of that issue for you so you should be good to go with uploading your new gdpr:true descriptor!

For anyone else running into issues uploading your descriptors, it may be caused by another app (typically one you’ve used for staging or development thats private or possibly a rejected app listing) containing the same descriptor URL. You’ll need to have the conflicting version removed in order to upload your new descriptor. Contact Atlassian Marketplace Vendor support for assistance there.



Thank you thank you @akassab. We are now live with all 4!

Please see this week’s post for the latest updates: Weekly GDPR API status development update - March 29

@niels and @f.demir - Some webhooks will continue to contain username and user key even after setting your app descriptor to gdpr:true. This is a known issue with the opt in mechanism. You can expect that following the deprecation period, webhooks wil only contain accountID and not username or user key however we do not plan to address the fix immediately (for the purpose of using the opt in mechanism).