Weird error in batch.js due to dark features

We have a customer that’s having a weird issue with their space homes. For one user on their instance they are unaccessible due to an error in one of the bath.js files:

this error comes from the batch with the following preable:

/* module-key = 'confluence.web.resources:almond', location = 'includes/js/amd/almond/almond.js' */

We’ve made sure it’s not browser related and it’s this specific user, having him log in on a colleague’s machine made no difference. Finally we asked him about dark features and he had the following enabled:

These relate to the new space home experience, however I’m unable to reproduce the issue on any of my instances with these enabled. Disabling them solved the problem for the customer and since he didn’t know what they did he was happy to remove them.

However this makes me a bit concerned (Weird unexplainable errors in production always do :wink: ) so I’m wondering if anyone else has seen anything similar and if anyone from Atlassian can give us a hand troubleshooting this.

Richard, would it be possible for you to let me know the customer’s instance, as well as the user’s details? It’ll help with tracking down the problems. Feel free to PM these to me.

Thsnks @cbartle! I sent you a Hipchat message.