Weird webItem URL behaviour


I’m trying to use a webItem as described here:

This is the relevant part in my atlassian-connect.json:

		"webSections": [
				"key": "dg-settings-section",
				"location": "admin_plugins_menu",
				"name": {
					"value": "DataGalaxy"
		"webItems": [
				"key": "dg-settings-link",
				"location": "admin_plugins_menu/dg-settings-section",
				"name": {
					"value": "Configure"
				"url": "/config-page"

When I go in “Installed apps”, then open my app, then click “Configure”, I’m still in Jira and the config page of my app is displayed on the right.

When I click on my new webItem though, it redirects me to the actual ngrok URL, and I’m not in Jira anymore.

Is there anything I’ve done wrong? Or something I missed?

Thanks in advance

@quentin.bazin is it resolved? we are also facing same issue :frowning:

@prasad.rambanam, @quentin.bazin - looking

Hi @prasad.rambanam, might be what you’re looking for.


@acalantog sorry, it does’t help.

when I use generalPages module then it is showing as expected but it is not working for webItems for both the modules i am using same view template

I see that 307 status on browser console, it seems redirecting the request, not sure why :frowning: